PM Rishi Sunak faces PMQs after landmark smoking ban win

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PM Rishi Sunak faces PMQs after landmark smoking ban win

The PM is mounting an historic crackdown on cigarettes by proposing to raise the legal age every year until there are no smokers left.

Rishi Sunak's proposed smoking ban applies to the sale of cigarettes in the UK rather than the act of smoking itself.

You currently have to be 18 or over to buy a pack of smokes.

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Totally pathetic from Rishi, just as progressive countrys finally realise prohibition of cannabis is a waste of time good old Rishi thinks we should ban tobacco.!!!!. Despite the fact it wont work people wont be told what to do. Prohibition never works and u dont need to be a genius to know this. Absolute melons.


May have the conservatives should stop telling people what to do how dare you remove even more of our freedoms hey rishi are you trying to turn England into little Russia because if you want to do that maybe you should run for the Indian leadership


What a way to deflect attention from migrant crisis! Well done Rishi!!!


They're 'Conservatives' guys, honest they are